The trucking industry is one of the most exciting and adventurous sectors of business in the United States.With a long history of drivers from every state considered kings and queens of the road, truckers hold a special place in the hearts and minds of Americans. Throughout many places in the country, one would be hard-pressed to grow up without seeing these 18-wheelers and semi-trucks reigning supreme on the highways, with the men and women that operate them working steadfastly around the clock. Trucking is an industry that promotes over 3.5 million driving jobs in our country, a figure that is increasing every day.

The world of trucking is not simply about operating a machine or getting freight from Point A to Point B, it's ensuring that everyone across all 50 states has access to the much-needed and valuable goods that help their lives. Truckers are the lifeblood of so many industries across America, bringing the tools, staples and supplies necessary to keep businesses rolling. While there are multiple forms of commercial transportation, perhaps no single form is as direct, reliable, or trusted as trucking is.

Many think of truckers as the silent guardians of ensuring our lives operate with normalcy. Truck drivers are the ones who ensure that we don't think twice when our favorite products are well-stocked in the store or that a quick delivery time for an online order is made possible, no questions asked. Trucking is there when delivery by plane is too improbable, delivery by train is not possible, or delivery by sea is entirely out of the question.

The trucking industry works with other industries and sectors of commerce to endlessly. No matter the time of day, the weather conditions, the holidays, or a time that is classified as a "non-business day," truckers do not have limits as to when they may stop working. For drivers, every day is a welcome challenge wherein they accept the tall order of fulfilling the needs of others, and often in a very selfless manner.

Trucking offers a great deal of opportunities to those within it, from the ability to supply items and materials to grocery stores and retail outlets to industrial locations. Some truckers have even more specialized jobs, transporting live animals to farms and livestock centers or getting oil and other forms of energy to locations where it may be harvested for commercial use. Though many drivers may choose a specific area in which they operate, it is often found that no one day is the same for one who is on the road.

Those who may be interested in a trucking career should know that a driving position is quite a demanding opportunity, yet a wholly fulfilling one at that.Of course, drivers are not simply thrown into a rig and expected to succeed automatically, there are multiple resources available to drivers that will ensure individual growth and success. is here to help situate drives in the commercial trucking industry as well as inform and educate them in how to make their driving career one that benefits them as well as those around them.

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